Te Fare O Tamatoa
Tahitian Dancing & Drumming

“This spring our elementary school was delighted to discover the talented group of performers that make up Te Fare O Tamatoa, a group infused with a passion to share Tahitian culture, music and dance.  Malia Radford and her entourage of amazing dancers and musicians came to school to teach our kids about Tahiti and to perform an evening concert that was the highlight of our annual World Tour celebration.  Kids and parents alike were dazzled and delighted by the opportunity to not only watch these incredible dancers but also to come up on stage and learn some of the moves themselves!  Te Fare O Tamatoa is a truly remarkable group!  If you have the opportunity to see them perform, DON’T MISS IT!”

-Erica Steele: with Wade King Elementry, Bellingham

“This is no ordinary ‘Aloha Entertainment’ Malia Radford knows how to put on a show!! For a special engagagement party we asked for an authentic Tahitian performance and it was mesmerizing and the live musicians and drummers were terrific. Every guest could not take their eyes off the dancers! Close your eyes and you might think you were in Tahiti!! It was on a lake front home and it happened to be sunny that day. Boats that were out crusing randomly stopped and anchored and you could hear thier applause of enjoyment. By the way the littlest Hula baby who was part of the troupe stole our hearts but the lead dancer was unbelievably graceful.

Very nice people to work with and made for an outstanding occasion.”

-Rosalyn Kwan


“Very talented and polished performers”

“First rate professional show!”
-Dick Engstrom 

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